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Skirted Tuning knob

  • Fit controls with 6.35mm (¼in.) shafts with D Flat
  • Colour Silver rim 
  • Material: phenolic plastic
  • Push fit
  • Large diameter 3" (75mm)
  • Mirror center diameter 38mm
  • Bush diameter 9.5mm
  • Bush length 15mm
  • Side lip depth 7.5mm
  • Panel hole required 10mm for knob bush to pass through panel 

An unusual type of knob for this day and age. Limited to available stock.

The outer part of the knob is in the same mirror finish (chromed) and the outer co-axial ring is a window, useful for protecting panel legend while viewing through the knob window. A line can be scribed on the underside of the window part to give a pointer reference.

Window Tuning Knob for 6.35mm D shaft. KNO-PF3

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