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STC 47/8 5v 2A 30v Signal Relay RL10

  • STC 47/8 5v 2A 30v Signal Relay RL10

    Suitable for a variety of uses.

    BT Approval for Telecoms use

    DPDT Double pole double throw contacts
    Can also be refered to as Double pole change over  
    or 2 x Form C Contacts

    Coil Voltage 48V
    Coil Current ASKmA
    Coil Impendence ASK ohms

    Contact Rating 600mA@110vdc
                                         or 2A@30vdc
                                         or 1A@125Vac

    Max Switching power dc 60W   ac 125VA

    Contact Material: Silver nickle alloy with gold alloy overlay

    Temperature Range -40 to +70 degC

    PCB Mounting on DIL format to 0.1" 2.54mm

    Height 14.4mm, Depth 9.8mm, Length 20.2mm

    Alias Information:-

    Made in England


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