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Omron G6A-234P- 4.5v DPDT Low signal Relay

  • Omron G6A-234P 4.5v DPDT Low signal  Relay

    Often used in security and telecoms equipment but suitable for a variety of uses.

    DPDT Double pole double throw contacts


    Coil Spec. 4.5v  44.6mA

    Coil Impendence 101 ohms

    Contacts Silver (Ag) with Gold (Au) Alloy

    Resistive Load pf-1
    500mA@125Vac    or 2A@30Vdc   Carry Current 3A

    Inductive Load pf-0.4
    300mA@125Vac    0r 1A@30Vdc

    PCB Mounting on DIL format to 0.1" 2.54mm

    Height 8.4mm, Depth 10.1mm, Length 20.1mm

    Made in Japan


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