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Miniature Push to Make SPST (Push On) Push button

Button Colour
  • Standard low cost miniature push button switch. Available in a choice of button colours, see drop down menu.

    Contact is a single normally open push to make circuit type. 

    Can be specified in projects as any of the following:

    PTM NO =Push to make normally open.

    SPNO = Single pole normally open.

    off (on) The unbracketed state is when switch is not activated. The bracketed state is that when the switch is pushed (activated)

    Contact rating 50v 200mA

    Solder connector spills

    Panel hole required 7.2 mm

    Depth required behind panel 14.5mm minimum.

    Total length 28mm

    Front panel projection 12.8mm maximum.

    Button diameter 6mm.


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