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Hamlin HE722A1210 12v 500mA 200v DPST Reed Relay LR11 GF17a

  • Hamlin HE722A1210  12v 500mA 200v Signal Relay RL11

    Often used in security systems, RF Projects but suitable for a variety of uses.

    DPST Double pole single throw contacts
    Can also be refered to as Double pole normally open NO 
    or 2 x Form A Contacts

    Coil Voltage 12V
    Coil Current 
    Coil Impendence 500 ohms

    Contact Rating 500mA dc max
                                     350mA ac max
                                      100Vdc max
                                       140Vac max

    Max Switching power dc 10W  

    Contact Material: ?

    Coil Diode Fitted

    Operation / Release time 1mS max

    Temperature Range -40 to +85 degC

    PCB Mounting on DIL format to 0.1" 2.54mm

    Height 5.5mm, Depth 7.22mm, Length 19.05mm



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