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A series of high quality, low noise, 5% tolerance carbon film resistors offering high stability and reliability at low cost. Profiled in E12 selection with values extending down to 1R and up to 10M. Low temperature coefficient across the range.


We have the option for you to purchase in quantities of 1s, and 10s  per pack.  So if you require say 16 pcs same value then it will be cheaper to purchase 1x 10 Pc Pack plus 6 singles etc.


You will see page options for singles and packs of 10 s, you need to select values as required.


Body dimensions max, diameter 6mm x length 15mm, as technology and materials are improoving sizes are getting smaller.


Value tolerance                           5%

Temperature Range                  -55°C to +155°C

Temperature Coefficient         0 to -700 ppm/°C

Maxamum working voltage    500v

Carbon Film Resistor 1w 1 Watt Singles Select Value from Menu

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