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High quality break-before-make rotary switch from Taiwan Alpha. Available in a choice of Ways and Poles you can select from menu. These are break before make meaning the contact will break before connecting to the next contact in the rotary sequence. Also know as Non-Shorting


Part number ALN = Alpha Non shorting ---*PL  *P = Number of Pole.  L= Solder Lug 


Number of ways are selectable by adjusting the stop ring located under the panel locking nut. So if you purchase a 1 pole 12w you can adjust to any number of ways below 12 by altering the stop ring.


Contact rating: 125 Vac 300mA


  • Moulded in glass filled nylon
  • Adjustable rotation stop
  • 500V AC dielectric strength
  • 30º indexing angle
  • 38mm long flat shaft
  • Flat cut of shaft direction 90º
  • 6.35mm shaft diameter
  • 8mm long bushing

Alpha Rotary switch Break Before Make Solder Tag Select Ways from menu

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