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A range of stripboard providing a simple form of printed circuit, ideal for prototype and development work. The board has holes and strips on a 2.54mm pitch and is manufactured from copper-clad paper and phenolic laminate body material. Once know by the tradename Vero Board, please note the boards we sell here are not original Vero board but a similar copy developed for the hobby and prototype market.

  • Range of sizes available
  • Can be readily cut to size
  • 1Oz (34µm) Copper contact material

Stripboard 119 x 455mm 0.1" Matrix Copper Strip PCVB-08

  • PCVB-08 Size Length x Width   455 x 119 mm. 

    Hole size 1mm

    Copper strips and hole matrix 2.54mm   0.1"  

    • Number of Rows : 36
    • Number of Holes in length : 179
    • Length : 455mm
    • Width : 119mm
    • Board Thickness : 1.5mm
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